In the picture above, Dorsch Lincoln presents a check to the principal of Holy Cross Catholic School for $4,480!

In the picture above, Southwest students prepare to walk in the Homecoming parade with a check for $6,000!
In 2012, Lincoln Motor Company launched Driven to Give; a program in which test-driving a Lincoln vehicle can generate funds for either educational or charitable organizations. 

Through Driven to Give, a Lincoln or Ford Lincoln Dealership will partner with a local school or charitable organization of its choice to execute unique one day activation. Members of the community come to engage with the new Lincoln vehicle collection and Lincoln will donate $20 for each valid test-drive, up to $6,000 for each organization. Driven to Give events now have the opportunity to raise additional funds with bonus drives, up to $2,000, for additional test-drives taken in another Lincoln vehicle!

Engage the community: Offer additional incentives to encourage participation. Host your event in conjunction with another event or activity in the local community. Invite local vendors or businesses to showcase their products by providing goodie bags for test-drive participants and/or providing their own supplemental donations for each test-drive. 

Suggested Weekend Event Itinerary: 
8:00am Dealership personnel set up event space  
Organizations staff arrive and place signage on-site 
9:00am Event begins: Volunteers and dealership staff greet guests and assist them through the preregistration and post-drive surveys 
3:00pm Event ends. Primary dealership contact collects iPads and uploads all surveys 
4:00pm Dealership personnel collect all vehicles. Volunteers clear the event space, removing all event materials. 

Requirements for a valid test drive: 
  • Participants must be 18 years or older and have a valid driver's license
  • Participants must complete both the preregistration and post-drive surveys on the Driven to Give iPads
  • Those wishing to be a passenger must also complete both surveys to count for a valid donation
  • Only one donation per valid household address will be considered valid
  • Duration of the test-drive should last approximately five minutes.
We are thrilled to have given over $128,000 to the following organizations!

May 2014 - Green Bay United Hockey - $3,920
October 2014 - Green Bay/De Pere Youth Hockey - $4,060
October 2014 - Music U - $1,380
October 2014 - Boys and Girls Club of Green Bay - $1,020
May 2015 - Wrightstown Girl's Softball - $5,460
September 2015 - Holy Cross Catholic School - $4,480
May 2016 - Wrightstown Girl's Softball - $8,000
June 2016 - Ashwaubenon Track and Field - $8,000
July 2016 - Bay Port Boy's Hockey - $7,140
August 2016 - Wilder Elementary School - $3,040
September 2016 - Bay Area Ice Bears Women's Hockey - $8,000
September 2016 - Southwest Booster Club - $5,180
May 2017 - Wrightstown Girl's Softball - $7,460
May 2017 - Bay Area Ice Bears Women's Hockey - $7,520
May 2017 - Luxemburg-Casco High School Wrestling - $5,220
September 2017 - Southwest Booster Club - $2,620
September 2017 - Ashwabenon Jaguar Hockey - $3,820
May 2018 - Wrightstown Girl's Softball - $8,000
May 2018 - Preble High School Girl's Soccer - $4,920
June 2018 - Wilder Elementary School - $1,060 
September 2018 - Mossakowski Family Dog Park - $5,190 
September 2018 - Green Bay Trinity Lutheran School - $3,450
October 2018 - FCCLA of BayPort High School - $630 
April 2019 - Wrightstown Girl's Softball - $6,030
May 2019 - Happily Ever After Animal Sanctuary - $5,190
May 2019 - MDA of Green Bay - $3,540
June 2019 - Disabled American Veterans - $3,670 
October 2019 - FCCLA/E-Sports of BayPort High School - $2,860

Enrollment for Driven to Give events happen mid-January for Spring and mid-May for Fall.

If you are interested in hosting a Lincoln Driven to Give, fill out the form to the right and please add "Attention: Hunter Lemerond, Driven to Give" in the comments! 

All donation estimates are preliminary and are subject to change based on auditing of customer information by Ford Motor Company's 3rd party vendor. Day of donation estimates are NOT final numbers and all checks will be issued by Ford, Lincoln or a Ford-sponsored third party. Dorsch is NOT responsible for the monetary difference between event-day preliminary numbers and final donation total issued by Ford or Lincoln. All events are subject to dealership discretion and dealership availability. 

In the picture above, Happily Ever After Animal Sanctuary volunteers and animals available for adoption are gifted a check for $7,000! For more information visit their website at:

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