Spur of the Moment Road Trip

We all fantasize about being able to hit the road like Thelma and Louise. But even Thelma and Louise had a mini checklist before they left out on their adventure. In a real world it doesn't work like that. So, first and foremost, take your car to the shop and get it checked. By having the important items checked, it could save a flat or even a tow bill later down the line. As the car gets prepped, make sure there is a roadside emergency kit inside the truck. If you don't have one, then purchase one. Most kits contain everything you need. Just be sure that you have a flashlight too. Okay so the car is ready, now its time to put your luggage inside, a cooler of food and drinks because we all get thirsty and hungry on a road trip. Lastly, grab a friend, spouse, partner, or family and hit the road!
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