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Enjoy "Getting Away" in the 2018 Ford Escape

It's been a busy week. No make that a busy month. Between work and home obligations, spending time with family, civic duties, and trying to keep up with all of the errands that need to be run, bills that need to be paid and appointments to be scheduled, it can feel like life is in runaway mode.

If you're ready to "get away from it all," then consider purchasing a new, 2018 Ford Escape. This beautifully-designed SUV is packed with perks and features that will make every ride feel a little like a vacation.



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The 2018 Ford F-150 is Better than Ever

There's no denying the incredible changes that the F-150 has gone through over the years, especially with the 2017 model and its military-grade high-strength aluminum-alloy body; now that the 2018 Ford F-150 is here, we can say without a doubt that it's the best one yet. This time around, it has the most advanced engine lineup ever - with the option of a diesel engine coming soon! - on top of best-in-class towing, the convenience of Ford Pass, an available 10-speed transmission, and much more, you'll never want the ride to end.


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