Prepping Your Vehicle For a Frigid Wisconsin Winter

Flipping the calendar over to November 1st, many people see as the start to the Holiday season! Soon, the radio stations will start to play Christmas songs, and before we all know it, it'll be time to put the Christmas tree up. Especially during the Holiday season, schedules can become very hectic. Here at Dorsch, we have some recommendations for vehicle maintenance before the snow starts to fall. Here is our list of the top five tips for getting your vehicle ready for winter.

  1. Make sure your car's heat still blows nice and hot! Nothing is worse than getting into a freezing car during winter, and having no heat especially if your windows are iced over. If your heat stopped working, it's time to get it in for service.

  2. Check the tread depth of your tires. A classic way to do so is the “penny test.” To check your tread depth, simply flip a penny upside down, and place it in the tire tread. If most of honest Abe’s head doesn’t disappear, it is time to invest in a new set of tires. Here at Dorsch we recommend a good set of all season, or better yet winter tires to get you through the icy Wisconsin winter. We offer many brands and types of tires at both locations! We are currently offering our Employee Pricing Tire Event, get the best deals on tires today.penny-test.png

  3. Haven’t had your air filter changed in a while? Right now would be the perfect time to do so. Your vehicle will run more efficiently with a clean filter. Changing your air filter will save you from filling up as frequently and during the cold months nothing is worse than standing outside filling up with gas!

  4. One of the most important and low cost tips is to change those old wiper blades. Snow makes for poor visibility in winter, so having a new set of blades is essential. Wiper blade manufacturer’s typically offer a “summer” and “winter” blade option, so make sure to check the labeling to ensure you buy the correct set of blades. Winter blades are sturdier, and are more robust which makes wiping snow off of your windshield a breeze.

  5. Our final tip is to treat yourself, and install a remote start system! In the past few years these units have gone down in price, and are actually very affordable. If your car is not equipped with this feature, now is the perfect time to get it installed! Nothing is better than stepping into a warm car after working on a below zero day; especially if your windshield is already defrosted with no scraping required!


If you are interested in having any service done on your vehicle, our service center would be the place to start! Click here to schedule your appointment today.

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