Aluminum Body or Steel? A Blog on Why Chevy’s Ad’s are Deceptive

Aluminum Body or Steel? A Blog on Why Chevy’s Ad’s are Deceptive.


We have all seen Chevy’s recent TV ads comparing the F-150’s aluminum bed to the Silverado’s steel bed. The ad was made to look scientific, where it shows two identical payloads dumped from the same height into the beds of both trucks. After removing the payload, it is shown that the steel bed of the Silverado “apparently” holds up much better to that of the F-150. So is the advertisement true? Is the Silverado’s bed simply that much stronger? The simple answer is: no. This was mostly just a marketing stunt to steal sales from Ford, for a limited time I might add.

The reason I say a limited time is because the next generation Silverado will most likely feature an aluminum body and bed. According to an article by Reuters: “People familiar with the company’s plans say GM's next-generation pickups and SUVs will make use of various materials, including aluminum and lightweight steel, to shed weight and gain fuel efficiency to meet tougher federal standards.(Full article can be accessed HERE).

Aluminum is the future as it is nearly as durable as steel, but much lighter. When Ford released the new Aluminum F-150’s, they were able to shed about 700 lbs of weight. That means better fuel economy, and less wear on suspension, tires, etc. Nearly every part of the truck benefits from being lighter. Another problem with Chevy’s advertising is that they drop cinderblocks from 5 feet into the air without either truck having a bedliner. Nearly every truck has a bed liner to protect the bed and almost no one who buys either truck is ever going to drop cinder blocks from 5 feet in the air into their $50,000+ truck!

Also, Aluminum does not rust and holds up better to corrosion. Yes, you can rust proof both vehicles, but in the long run Aluminum will hold up much better. All in all, I believe within the next three years, Chevy is going to be kicking themselves when they release a Silverado made mostly of aluminum and Ford will capitalize on that moment. Until then, we will just have to wait and see!

-Steven Manis
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